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In 1990 Sri Balasai Baba established
a charitable foundation,
'Sri Balasai Baba Central Trust'.

This foundation supports the following social projects:
education, health-care, welfare,
and the upbringing of children.

'Sri Balasai Baba Residential School'

'Concept Schools'

In 2004, the Sri Balasai Baba Central Trust took over the management of the six existing daily schools in Kurnool. There the students are taught according to the educational concept of the Residential School. The students are required to pay only a small amount of tuition. 'Village Schools'

These schools are simple institutes offering free evening classes for the illiterate, so that they also may learn to read and write. The Trust supports 108 of these schools.

Children of the Balsaibaba Free SchoolChildren of the Balsaibaba Free School

'Eye-Camps and Eye-Clinic''

Balasa EyeClinicBalasa EyeClinic

Since 1995, more than 450,000 people have been screened and around 55,000 patients were operated on for Intra Ocular Lens (IOL) operation. In excess of 800 villages have been visited in search of poor and needy patients, bringing them to the eye clinic and hospital for surgery.  The experienced eye specialist, Dr. Jayaprakash, has had great success, often in very difficult cases, in restoring sight to the visually impaired.
All treatment, medications and food is offered free of cost.

Balasa EyeClinicBalasa EyeClinic

Free Clinic'Free Clinic'

An out – patient clinic operates in Kurnool where the poor and needy are given free medicines (allopathic, homeopathic and Ayurvedic) as well as injections.. For the past 16 years, Dr. Ella Reddy has been treating up to, and around 150 patients daily.

'Medical Camps'

Since 1994, the Trust has been conducting medical camps to screen for HIV infection and chickungunya, polio etc. in Kurnool district.  Eye tests are also done and free glasses are given if needed.
The Balasai Baba Ashram in Hyderabad holds a medical camp every second Sunday of the month from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. where medicines and injections are given, and urinary tests performed – all free of cost. Prior to this camp, devotees would go voluntarily to the slum areas to inform the dwellers of this service.

'Water Project'

Balasai Trust Wasser TankerA free supply of drinking water is offered to the slum population of Kurnool in the hot season, and, on specific occasions to areas of drought in the district of Kurnool . The drinking water, which is absolutely essential for survival, is bought by the Central Trust and transported in large tank trucks into the areas concerned.

'Wheelchair and Sewing Machine Project'

Distribution of tricycles for handycaped people from the Balasai Trust Distribution of tricycles for handycaped people from the Balasai Trust

For many years noBalasai Trust distribution of sarisw, the Trust has been donating tricycles to the handicapped and sewing machines to impoverished widows, giving them the opportunity, through free training and education, to earn a wage by working in society.
The Balasai Trust established a new sewing and tailoring centre with classes to be held at Kurnool Ashram, where up to 600 poor and destitute women will be taught and trained in these skills in order for them to earn a living.  Each of them will receive their own machine at the World Peace Conference. (more than 100 sewing mBalasai Trust distribution photomachines and over 50 tricycles have already been distributed during 2007)

Hundreds of saris and blankets were also given to the poor and destitute of Kurnool during the cold winter season.
In 2008, an additional 5000 saris and 2000 dhotis (waistcloths for men ) were presented to the poor.

Free Preventive Medical Examinations

This is another service, offered on an annual basis
by the Trust since its establishment.


Free inoculation is offered to the poor

Other Planned Medical Projects

Further projects are planned for the future that the Central Trust wants to support and carry out. An AIDS welfare service, a research center and a specialty hospital are all being considered.

If you would like to support the work of the 'Sri Balasai Baba Central Trust', you can do so by sending your donation to the following bank account or addresses:

Licht-Blick e.V.
Donation Account 77354
Sparkasse Bottrop
BLZ: 42451220
IBAN: DE35424512200000077354

Trust are taxation-exempt. With a donation up to 50,00 Euro the payment receipt is acceptable. With a donation over 50,00 Euro, however, the Trust will dispatch a separate donation receipt to you. Please make sure to give your full name and address on the remittance slip.

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