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Sri Balasai Baba's message is universal love,
and he himself is the living example.

Here some quotations from his divine messages:

The main point of my message is humanity and Bala Sai Baba photographuniversal love. Don't be narrow minded but instead, have a wide view and a wide open heart. Be like Baba. Be as his living example. Baba neither criticizes anyone, nor does he ever show disrespect to any of the other religions.

Humanity means: man should not care too much for his own wellbeing, but care more for the welfare of his neighbours. We should make as much effort as possible to become one with each other and to live together in peace and harmony. Whatever you pray for yourself, pray the same for others. Pray to God to bless your neighbours with the same grace which you ask Him to bless yourself with.

God does not punish anybody, this happens automatically through the karmic law of cause and effect. What you sow, you shall reap. You have to eat the fruits from the tree you plant. If you plant a coconut tree then you can’t expect afterwards a papaya.

God is Sarva Antarayamin. This means He is the inner resident of all His creations. The knowledge that God is present in you should inspire you to always act in a positive way and to avoid bad actions. God sees everything, at all times and in every place. God is the eterAvatar Sri Balasai Baba's Sarva Dharma Symbolnal and sole witness.

God is present in each religion and at the same time He is beyond the religion. Simultaneously, He is the religion.

God is simply One. Behind every seat of Baba one finds the symbol of the circle, the unity of all religions, which includes depictions of the main religions.

Divine incarnations have not come to create new religions. They have come to show the way to divinity to human beings.

I want to take the fear of God away from mankind. God is pure love, pure sympathy, pure friendliness, pure grace and pure blessings.

Wherever you place God, there He will be. If you invite Him into your heart, He will live there and will do everything from there only.Balasai Baba Photograph

Practice loving yourself. But to do this, one lifetime is not enough. It takes many lifetimes until you can really accept and love yourself.

Let peace prevail in the life of everyone. Let peacestretch its arms to encompass all the religions and nations of the world.

Do not kill any living creature; instead, kill your bad karma. For this there is only one weapon: Pray deeply from your heart. Focus on the name of God and on God’s form. Be happy about any opportunity to be able to do something good. With a sweet fragrance you can drive away the bad odour.

Nobody can make spiritual practices for us. We needto make our own efforts. No one can take away what we have saved on our spiritual bank account. Moreover, this is the only thing which we can take with us when we die. Therefore, we should not stop performing spiritual practices!

Man’s reason and mind consists of concepts, imaginations and pictures. It only exists through picking up and adapting thoughts and ideas. These ideas are then compared with the concept of God. Yet God can neither be conceived nor grasped. God stands above everything and at the same time, He is in everyone.

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