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Sri Balasaibaba

The Bhagawan Sri Balasai Trust is serving mankind by helping to restore: love, truth, peace and righteousness. The mission of the organization is to facilitate inner transformation of individuals, into ideal persons, by inculcating the spirit of love, service and sacrifice. All are encouraged to have unity and purity in thought, word and deed, and to lead an exemplary life.

Sri Balasai Baba’s task of uplifting humanity is undertaken through the centers already established in several countries around the world. The programs organized by Baba’s Trust can be classified into three wings: spiritual, educational and service. Spiritual activities consist of singing Bhajans, meditation, and the promotion of universal brotherhood and harmony amongst the people by the celebration of holy festivals of all the faiths. Educational activities, on the other hand, include the imparting and spreading of human values through classes designed for children of all ages. In Baba’s educational institutions, secular and spiritual education is designed to develop a complete personality. Balasai institutions are held as models for education, service and spiritual work in many countries around the world. Last but not least, service activities include service to the sick, aged, handicapped, and feeding the poor.

The Trust operates one clinic where 100 to 150 out-patients are treated daily, and where the poor can obtain treatment, medicines and injections, all free of charge. The Trust has conducted many health camps in Allopathic medicine, Naturopathy and Acupressure, and is a pioneer in conducting eye camps. More than 55,700 cataract and I.O.L (Intra Ocular Lens) operations have been performed. Ours is the first Charitable Trust to conducted I.O.L operations in rural areas. The Trust is also making many efforts to promote both Polio and AIDS awareness campaigns.

The youth of today are the teachers of tomorrow. They have the duty of shaping the destiny of this world through perception and example. Youth is the most precious and sacred period in a person’s life as it offers a golden opportunity to both utilize time properly, and to sanctity one’s life.

Baba says: “One individual does not make society, but one’s welfare is dependent on the welfare of society in general. Therefore, one must do one’s best to serve and help society, especially the poor, sick, aged and disadvantaged to help relieve their suffering and pain”.

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