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Sri Balasaibaba

There is a growing awareness amongst people about the need to provide children with education which ensures both academic excellence, and excellence of character. Sri Balasai Baba says that the result of education is character. On many occasions he has stressed the importance of uniting both worldly and spiritual knowledge. The word education has its origin in the Latin word ‘educate’, which means: to elicit. Educare, then, has two aspects: the worldly and the spiritual.

Worldly education is the imparting of knowledge pertaining to the physical world, whilst spiritual education and knowledge brings out, and awakens the inherent divinity in man. So whilst worldly knowledge is essential, without human values, education has no value.

Baba says:

“Attitude is like a tree with reputation as its shadow. Do not just chase reputation. Remember, it is the attitude that matters most. Education should promote discrimination between truth and untruth, and humility. Education should be the preparation for a life spent in service to society, and for self-realization.”

“Positive social behaviour begins early. Being co-operative, helpful, and altruistic is socially enhancing behaviour, and it begins in the early years of education. A duty carelessly fulfilled, a rule wrongly observed, and a virtuous life followed out of fear, will hardly bring good results. Students should be encouraged to be aware of the pleasure in learning, and the rewards it brings to oneself when one develops a compassionate nature. In this way, they will be awakened to the realization of the true nature of the self. The key to this understanding of life lies in experiencing the self. A little key may unlock a box wherein lies a whole bunch of keys. The values of life must be shared or they may be lost to us. Learning in The Sri Balasai International School, focuses on personal interaction, and the bettering of group dynamics amongst the students.” The Sri Balasai School has international standards of education, and due to the very small cost, is affordable to both the middle class and the poor.

As well as The Sri Balasai International School , the Trust has also established numerous village schools imparting this same principle of education with human values, with the object of promoting cultural heritage amongst the students of those villages. These schools are special and unique in their nature. To help them pay for their education, and at the same time, support their families; the children in remote villages are given work in agricultural areas. At present, the Trust oversees 110 of these village schools, which operate between the hours of 5 - 8 pm. In this way, they get an education whilst at the same time are able to work to support their families.

Many children from poor families are getting the wonderful boon of a free education through the services provided by the Trust.

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