Balasai Baba desires for us to lead a perfect life, and sets the leading example of how this can be achieved, i.e., one in which spirituality and materialism go hand in hand. It does not make a person complete by concentrating only on the materialistic benefits and forgetting the spiritual path, or vice versa. Baba advocates:

“Don’t become lazy in the name of spirituality.”

Balasai Baba is very well educated in almost all the educational fields and this often leads to people questioning why a divine Incarnation – an Avatar – would need so many honours and doctorates. They wonder, “Does he have an ego like us mortal human beings?”

For questions like this, Balasai Baba answers:
„Mortal men will feel pride if they have just one doctorate, unlike God, who remains humble with ten. Their pride swells, the more degrees and titles they achieve. So, to destroy the ego, which they even show in front of God, I show them that God is greater in every respect. Also, everything comes from God and goes back to God. There is no reason for anyone to feel proud, or think of themselves as being greater than others.“

In his 2004 birthday speech, Sri Balasai Baba explained: „I take these honours from the whole world in the name of my devotees, who admire and help Me in the service of mankind. Now I can support the needy ones more effectively“.