Bala Sai Vedic Research

Balasai Vedic Research

There is an infallible law operating in the universe unfolding the potentialities of the present into the future. There is a hidden power, a creative energy, an inexhaustible reservoir of all that is worthy and precious, guiding our destinies to higher stages in the scale of evolution in the material, mental, moral and spiritual plans. There is a vision that tears the veil that puts our reasoning to doubt and sees beyond. A conscious power has drawn the plan of life and this universe is not built on random bricks of chance. The body, life and mind of the individual are drawing sustenance from the universal matter, life and mind. The unfolding of one into many and the enfolding of the many into the One is the process of cosmic cycle. One for all and all for one is the scheme of life relationship. A life regulated by an ideal is very different from a life that is in dearth of ideals, for ideals are mental concepts of truths, glimpses, reflections, twilight’s, distinct flashes, intimations of what is beyond the mind. God is the all -comprehensive, inexhaustible, eternal, perfect ideal including and excluding all other ideals.
As regards the consideration of the authenticity of the scriptural premises, the preference of testimony and the corroboration of citation descend from Sruti and Smriti to Purana etc. Such a plebiscite on the conformation of the credentials of the citations are first granted on Veda as they are believed to have flown from the face of lord Brahma (Apourusheya) and are independent REVELATIONS. By calling the Vedas Apourusheya, we ample reasons to claim Vedas to the revelations of the knowledge which remained locked up in man’s brain before he could cogently translate his thoughts and ideas into speech. No doubt all knowledge arises only from God as His
creation involves a vast amount of concealed knowledge divulged in the manifestation processes themselves. The process by which God reveals His ideas is to endow man with the faculty of speech and to induce him to the utterances. This truth is borne out by the Rig Veda:
Of the first and foremost speech that you sent giving names to things, O Brihaspati, what ever was noblest and stainless and secretly treasured with love you revealed When sages have created the word straining it Through their spirits as flour through a sieve Therein have friends recognized their mutual Friendships whose blessed signs lay hidden in words
-Call of the Vedas
X.71.1.2 Rg Veda
Sama and Yajur Vedas too confirm this truth by repeatedly declaring that the knowledge conveyed by them was derived by tradition. Thus we attribute DIVINITY OF ORIGIN to them because all knowledge in general is Divine. While sruthi is given with the top most position by virtue of it’s clear celestial knowledge, subsequent Scriptural texts like Smrities, Purana’s, Tantra’s and others got their validity through antiquity, wisdom and their Pro-Vedic thought structure.
Cultural and emotional integration is the only recipe to the peace -starving people of India, nay, the whole world population. National integration is only possible by strengthening the cultural bonds, irrespective of age and antiquity. This is possible through apotheosis or refashioning of certain indelible values in India life as revealed in the Vedas. God is not just the remote, transcendental, extra – cosmic Reality, but the Reality immanent in and through the frame and texture of life.
Knowledge and ignorance are the two sides of a coin like light and darkness. While the knowledge of differentiation supports the knowledge of multiplicity, the indispensable knowledge of unity knits all the vagaries together as the spiritual and fundamental Reality, the undifferentiated becoming that is transmutation as the differentiated creation. The undifferentiated One is the cause and differentiated creation is the Consequence. The lone goal of the individual is to realize this harmony of all by eliminating the differences, discords, divisions, disharmony that are on the surface of existence.

Asato Maa Sad Gamaya
Thamaso Maa Jyothir Gamaya
Mrithyor Maa Amritham Gamaya

Lead me from untruth to truth
Lead me from darkness to light
Lead me from death to immortality