God has come to bless

“My dear devotees, God has not come to give messages, but He has come to bless you and take care of the welfare of mankind.
There are others in charge of delivering the messages; e.g. all the Gurus – some of whom even go to Western countries in order to teach. The Holy Scriptures are enough though to spread the divine messages – God need not incarnate for this purpose.
The divine blessing, however, is not visible; it is invisible like the electric current. Only when you turn on the switch can you see the current in the form of light. In this way you can feel the divine blessing if you open your heart and are ready for the experience.
Society needs courage and not messages nowadays as people are full of fear. That is why a divine incarnation is necessary – to give them courage for life. We need courage and steadfastness in order to proceed towards our future victoriously so that we will reach our divine destination. My message is unique and simple:

Be happy,
Make others happy, and,
Reach me happily.

The first and last part of this message – be happy, and, reach me happily – are binding on you. You can leave the middle part – make others happy – as long as you are not in a position to do this. Be happy at any cost. God is happiness – bliss.

When I say very diplomatically, “Be happy and reach me happily”, there is also a great danger connected to it. The spiritual path is like walking on the edge of a sword. As soon as you slip, you either cut your feet or fall off. If you just live happily enjoying life in the way animals do and forget God, you will never reach your goal (liberation). Human beings are born in egoism and live an egotistical life just for themselves. Even on the spiritual path it is difficult to act selflessly as your characteristics fail you time and time again. Therefore, make sure everything you do is done in an attitude of doing it for God and leave the results to Him. You must be especially careful though in thinking about the motives of your actions. You may enjoy everything but you should not be attached to anything. If you observe and follow my directions, you will definitely attain liberation

Use things but don’t be used by them.
Eat for God, dress for God, work for God, live for God,
don’t expect anything for yourselves.

Only then is liberation possible”!