Balasai Miracles

Did Balasai Baba materialize a ring in Japan?

The Japanese Buddhist Monk, Hideki, is an ardent devotee of Balasai Baba, who also works with the handicapped. He came for his first visit in 2007 for the occasion of Shivaratri, but, due to financial restraints – amongst other things – he has not had a chance to come back again since. He has sent some of his colleague monks to Baba though, and he regularly attends the public Balasai Pooja which Naoko performs in Tokyo every month. He is also a good singer so I asked him to lead the Bhajans there, which he does. He also performs pooja daily in his flat.
Even though he has quite a difficult financial problem, he voluntarily sends money monthly for Baba’s projects, and holds concerts in Hiroshima with a piano teacher, Junko, to raise money. He donates all the profit raised at these concerts for Baba’s projects. I appreciate his devotion and seva. Recently he informed me that he had sent an extra donation to the Trust‘s account in Japan, for which I conveyed my thanks to him through his friend Junko, since I could not contact him by email.

Very shortly after this, I received two emails from him – one at a time. The following is what he wrote:

4th March 2009, (first email from Hideki)

Not long ago, Junko conveyed your message of thanks to me. Now I thank you.

Well, a strange thing happened to me today which I had planned to keep quiet about, but then your message came, and now I feel I want to tell you about it, so I will relate the events as they happened.

I was looking in a big pager bag for a particular document which was amongst many other documents in this bag. As I pulled one of the documents out, a necklace that I had bought some time previous, came out with it. As I was holding the nacklace and looking at it, suddenly a ring appeared in the air, just above the nacklace. I saw all this happen very clearly; how the ring appeared from out of nowhere as I was watching the nacklace very carefully, never taking my eyes off it. It is a silver ring with a hawk’s eye stone, which I knew I had not bought as I never buy such stones or rings, so I was somewhat baffled as to where it came from. One thing for sure though was that all this happened in front of a photo of Baba, and on the inside of the ring was the number 7, which i knew to be Baba’s number. Whilst I was wondering and thinking whether or not I should inform Rina in India, your message came to me through Junko. If it is a blessing from Baba then I am very grateful, but I am not sure.

It is said that the hawk’s eye stone has the power to protect us from unseen dangers in our lives. If this is so then it is just perfect for my present situation, as this evening, I very narrowly escaped from being knocked down by a car whilst crossing the road. Not long after my near escape though, this ring appeared at the exact same moment that another person was being hit by a car at the very same crossing. I saw the police come and take many photos, and inspect the scene there. It seemed I was ‘given’ the ring to prevent me from meeting with such an accident. If it is a blessing from Baba, I cannot treat it now without anything other than the greatest respect. I wear it now and it fits my ring finger perfectly. It is really a great wonder.

5th March, 2009 (secand mail from Hideki)
Last night I went to sleep with the hawk’s eye ring on my finger and early in the morning, I had the following dream:
I dreamt I was in a strange airplane with several other people. We all had to pilot the plane together, and each of us had a control stick which we all had to move at same time, and in the same way.

Gradually, I began to feel a sense of pride and that I was superior to the others and could not go along with them, and had to fly the plane by myself. Unfortunately, the plane crashed and I just managed to escape with my life. I felt a great sense of loss of pride and humiliation at my failure to fly the plane. Then Baba said to others, “He has no confidence and says he cannot believe.” The other people attacked me with saying, “Oh, why can’t you believe (in the power of God)?” Then I realised that I experienced feelings of pride when things were going well, but was totally destroyed when the limit of my capabilities was shown to me, and I was in the wrong to not believe (in the power of God).

Finally I decided to fly with confidence (belief in the power of God) and humility, working in co-operation with the others. When we piloted the plane together in perfect timing, the plane flew safely. Then I woke up from the dream.

It is said that the hawk’s eye is the eye of God, watching over us wherever we are.

When the baby hawk grows and leaves the nest for the first time, the parents put some food a short distant away in order to teach their little one to fly in confidence. Looking at it in this way, the hawk’s eye stone also has the meaning; to set the target and let us fly with confidence.

It seems the miracle of the ring was a message to me to elevate my mind from the lower state it was in – a state of pride, to a high state of confidence in the power of God – (i.e., from the lower ego self to the higher self). Another lesson it taught me is the mistake of not believing (in the power of God). Now God has helped me to cooperate with others on equal terms. I think it taught me I should ‘fly’ with others, with confidence and humility. Even though I saw the creation of the ring in the air with my own eyes, I was still unsure, and doubting. Maybe the dream showed the answer.

Well, should I believe that this was a miracle from Baba? I am still wondering about it and still feel unsure, despite the dream. Anyway, I will try to do my duty with gratitude towards Baba.

Forgive my long letter.

(P.S. I will attach a photo of the ring so that you can see it on your computer screen.)

Although I am used to such unaccountable experiences of Baba’s miracles such as this over the past 13 years, I was still a little curious about this incident. I felt his understanding of it all was really wonderful.
Hideki did not ask me, but I thought he wanted to have some confirmation from Baba about the whole incident, even though I have come to realize it is not important to ask Him. I had a strong desire to share Hideki’s experience with others if it was directly from Baba, so, I tried to make sure by asking Baba Himself. With Bernida’s help, I got the answer a little while later. Yes, it was from Baba!!

I informed Hideki that Baba had confirmed this miracle, and asked his permission if I could include his story in the Balasai News, and also on the website. Very quickly he wrote back to me again. He was very happy and thankful to get this confirmation from Baba, and happy also for his story to be used, under his real name. “I am happy if this miracle is used to introduced and spread Baba’s divine glory. Only because of His holy glory, everything occurred.”
In this email, he also told of another interesting incident.

7th March, 2009

Before I received the ring, I used to get a very unpleasant, persistent pain of unknown origin in the region of my heart, which would last for more than 10 minutes. Soon after I received the ring, I had another attack. When it was over, I noticed that the ring was unblemished, but the base of my ring finger was covered with a strange, black substance. This came off very easily by washing with water. I have not had another attack since then, and, as Baba has said before, the silver has healing power. This, I feel, is proof of that as it seems my disease has gone. Everything that happened to me, happened in perfect synchronicity. It was both divine protection for me, and a great learning experience. I will try to do more voluntary work in the future, which is what He wishes us to do.

By Hideki
Reported by Rina / 8th March, 2009