On the occasion of Sri Balasai Baba’s 52nd birthday (2012),

Baba is giving us all His blessings to the devotees who have come from far off places, and to ALL of us, Bhagavan showers His divine blessings for prosperity in all the aspects: a good education to the students, more prosperity to those who are working hard, marriage to those who are unmarried, and whatever blessings you may require in any aspect or area of your life, all the blessings for those are showered on us today by our Beloved Bhagavan Sri Balasai Baba. Baba gives His blessings to both those in business and those who are involved in politics; that they may prosper in excellence, right thinking and right actions towards the people they serve. As Narada is spreading the proposition of Vishnu, in this Kali Yuga (age), the people in the print and electronic media, who are instrumental in spreading the Divine message of Baba. Baba showers His divine blessings on all people for prosperity in all the aspects.
The sacred land of Bharat (India) is the main force of our spirituality. Those who were born in India are already spiritual because the divinity of the land. As the fish in the ganga river (Ganges) are automatically purified by birth. The people who took birth in India are blessed.

folkdance on Balasai Babas 52nd birthday
Though there are different castes, religions and sects in India, it is unity in diversity. Though there are so many divisions in India, we accept those divisions and have kept up our traditions and education towards the unity of our country and this country is certainly an example for harmony and peace. We advocate peace for the world, and Baba gives His blessings for this prosperity for the whole world.
Simply having the good fortune to be born in India doesn’t mean that we have everything. To get everything and to attain the spiritual fruits we have to engage in spiritual and social activities. An example: If the son of a millionaire father doesn’t engage in any activity, or do anything to improve the business or help in any way, he will automatically lose everything in course of time. So, whilst we are born in India, unless we make our spiritual and service efforts, we will not prosper. The son of a politician who wishes to enter politics, can only do so with his own talents and hard work. Likewise it is the same with the son of an actor; he too must have his own talents if he wishes to enter the acting industry.

wheel chairs for poor people given by balasai trustWe are not the only creatures who are born in this world. There are many thousands of creatures in this world and we have to take care of them as well. We should not limit our resources, our thoughts and prosperity only to members of our own family. We should try to eliminate and help the problems and difficulties of our neighbors, our village and the poor and needy people and support them so that, with our help, they get relief from their problems. Otherwise, it is a selfish thing if we only consider ourselves and our own families as ours is not the only family we belong to – we belong to the family of the world. That means that all families who are residing in this world are ONE. We must consider that there is only one family in the universe to which we all belong and we are all members of that ONE family. If you have a family of 3 children and one wife, and limit all your earnings to your family members and wife only, it is of no use. If you limit your earnings to your own family members only, you are no better than a crow who puts food from its beak into the beaks of its babies, or a dog who only feeds its own puppies. Whatever you have, whatever you have earned, it has come from society regardless of whether you are a millionaire or poor. So at least, whatever you earn, you should spend and give a little to your fellow family and to the poor and needy. Only then you can be useful. Suppose you have Rs 10, you can at least spend Rs 1 on others. If you are earning Rs 1000 you can give Rs 100. If you are earning lakhs of Rupees, then you can spend some Rs 1000’s on the poor and needy. You can purchase some bread or food and give it to those who are in need, and as soon as your mind and your heart are together with God, everything will be happy and the God, who resides in them will give blessings to you and your family members.
distribution of car sales for poor.

All creatures in this universe help each other; even ants, cows and plants. The cow gives its milk and the cane gives its sugar for our tea and coffee. Even the mother gives milk for her child for a year or two, after which the milk for the child comes from the cow, so they are all serving us from the beginning. The cow serves us for its entire life with the milk it gives. Even after death, it serves society in the form of our foot-wear and other leather goods. Animals serve both during their life time and after death, whereas we humans only have the chance to serve during our lifetime, so if we don’t serve, we are less than animals, but if we serve during our life time, we are better than animals. Another example is the trees and the fruits they give us. They came from the forests originally and we took the seeds and planted them, but we are not bothered by where they came from. Which came first, the seeds or the fruits? Without seeds, there is no fruit, and without fruit, there is no seed, but how did these fruits come into the universe in the beginning? Baba says it is the squirrel. The squirrel eats the fruits, and after eating, the seeds come out in its stools and get propagated again in the soil. In this way, the trees get transplanted in different places, grow and bear the fruits that we enjoy eating. This is an example: when we do service (seeds) and forget about what we have done, we later will reap the rewards (fruits) of that service. Don’t forget the poor and needy, and don’t forget the good things that you received. This is the minimum required of a human being, then we are at least, equal to that squirrel. Forget the good that you do, but always remember the good things you received.
As the trees and animals are helping society, devotees are encouraged to spend some part of their valuable money on service to society, and helping the poor and needy since God resides in them. So when we do service to them, we are doing service to God. God will be happy only when you do service to those in need since God resides in them. He doesn’t want you to spend money only on your rituals (pooja), but rather to spend money to the service activities too. In this way you receive the divine blessings. This is the easiest way to reach God. He is happy when you do this service. An example: a priest who spends his whole life serving in the temple eventually reaches old age, then God Himself will come and serve him. When he comes to the end of his dharma (duty), he merges with God as God loves those devotees who perform service to the people.Baba is blessing people

Once again, I bless all the people on this occasion and request that you do service to the poor and needy then your lives become blessed and spiritually enlightened. You are doing pooja, but in this age of Kali Yuga, the only mantra is service. Service is the Yagna, service is everything. To reach God, service is the most easy and fruitful means in this Kali Yuga. I bless all of you again on this occasion to perform this service to the poor and needy, and to your neighbors and to get the divine blessings.
Baba showers His blessings once again on all the people here, all the people of Andhra Pradesh and all parts of the globe, and all those who are watching and listening to this message through the tv channels and other media to get thedistribution of pension cheques divine blessings and prosperity in all the aspects.

We are (our trust) starting this year with the distribution of an old-age pension scheme for 100 people to receive Rs 200 every month as a token of love and affection from Bhagavan Sri Balasai Baba. The amount coming to two lakh fourtythousand rupees for 1 year for the above old-age pension was handed over by cheque from the Balasaibaba Central Trust. Mr. Ramarao proposed vote of thanks to all the participants and to the dignitaries present on this occasion.


Translated from Telugu into English by Managing Trustee Mr. T. Ramarao