Premaswarupulara, Embodiments of the divine love (2013),

On the occasion of the New Year, the international peace conference and Baba’s birthday, I bless all the devotees from all over the world and all the people, who are present here and the millions of people, who follow this programme by watching at TV set.
We have overcome all the hurdles and obstacles last year and faced so many problems and troubles in 2012. I bless you and your families to come out of them and live happily.
All the religions and gospels all over the world teach the same. They all recommend to the humans to act in a good way. If we do the good deeds, it is punya (good effect of an action, merit). If we do the bad things, it is called sin. Dharma (righteousness, virtue) will always win over Adharma (the missing of righteousness and virtue). Also in a movie, the one who wins against the villain is the hero.
Any kind of system such as conservatives, socialists, humanists, atheists or terrorists will follow any kind of “religion”. Every religion teaches the same truth. They all recommend SEVA to their followers.
Everyone can do SEVA and help in his own way and within his own limits and seek the
divine blessings: in the materialistic world it will be happiness and in the spiritual world it will be the merging in God.

Embodiments of the divine love!

53th Birthday of Bhagawan Sri Balasai BabaFrom ancient times, all the saints and sages and all the Holy Scriptures tell the same truth and all of them recommend SEVA. Selfless service is great!
In Tretayuga and Dwarakayuga, the people performed Yagas (ceremonies, sacrifices), Yagnas (worship, rituals) and Tapas (spiritual practices). In Kaliyuga, we receive God’s grace and mercy by doing SEVA, because we have less time for all these other Sadhanas (spiritual exercises). In Kaliyuga, the recitation of God’s name is told to be good. However, it is not enough! It is as if half of your body were paralysed! Just as we need both hands to get the sound for clapping – together with the praying and praising God, we also need the SEVA, the selfless service in order to get a good spiritual result.
In olden times, the saints and priests performed all the spiritual practice with the support of the kings. In those days, there were a few kings only. Nowadays, there are no such kings anymore.

Nowadays everybody is like a king! Everybody works and is a “walking king”…
Whoever owns a car, he will be afraid of that it might be stolen. You need not worry because you have no car – be happy because you have two legs! Who relies on his own legs only, need not have the fear of that theft!
Hanuman served Rama wholeheartedly along with praising him as God and by acting in this way, he became a deity himself.
SEVA need not be a great service. Even a small help can be Wheelchair Distribution on 53th Birthday of Bhagawan Sri Balasai BabaSEVA. If you offer a tablet to the one who suffers from headache – if you give a blanket to the shivering person – if you offer food to the hungry: all these are SEVA.

Once upon a time there was a king, who spent crores of rupees to construct a wonderful great temple. Near to that temple, an old woman provided water for the thirsty visitors and pilgrims.
One day53th Birthday of Bhagawan Sri Balasai Baba, a horse came near to her, which was very thirsty and in such a weak condition that it was about to die soon. The woman gave water to that horse and it recovered well. So everybody was happy. – When both the king and that woman happened to die at the same time, the old woman was the first to be welcomed at heaven.

The king was very surprised and asked Indra, the king of all deities, why she was preferred to him. Then Indra said: “Yes, you spent a lot of money to do the good in building a temple, but she saved one life. So she is honoured first!”

SEVA is Baba’s goal and desire.
Baba’s breath even is SEVA!
Until to his last breath, Baba will do SEVA!
Baba blesses all the children for a happy future and all the adults for a long life.”

Balasai Ram

From Telugu to English by Jayabala