After a Sloka sung by Sri Balasai Baba, He started the divine speech (2014):

After a Sloka sung by Sri Balasai Baba,
He started the divine speech:

“Dearest of the dear embodiments of love!

All of you have come here today to attend your dear Baba’s birthday without bothering about the severe climatic conditions, monetary and physical problems and any other inconveniences.

Though one has to undergo the result of one’s Karma, I shower my abundant blessings on all of you, who have come here today in person and to all many of those, who are in front of the T.V. sets, watching this programme – to lead a very happy and prosperous life and make your lives worthy by helping others in times of need within your limits in whatever way you can and ultimately attain salvation. Though you cannot give something always from your pocket, you can still give them from whatever is available to us in the nature.

I give my blessings to people from various fields like politics and business. Of course, the world around is full of businessmen, the people hailing from different categories of business. They need not give anything to Baba. Let them save their resources and finances for the well- being of their families. The politicians are always supposed to serve the country. They need money at the time of elections, for campaigning for votes for their political parties or any other activity. I expect that along with their own progress they would strive for the progress of their regions and fellow beings.

Dear embodiments of love1

Since ages, I have been repeating the same words again and again. I am the only one implementing and following my own words. Neither has anyone come to me so far, to ask me about this, nor have I asked anyone to do something for me. I have only been saying it and following it, rather implementing it. By this only, I am attaining the liberation, the salvation. I am sharing only whatever I attain and achieve. This conveys that you all are free from undergoing any turmoil. All your sorrows and difficulties are mine, and all my happiness and joy is yours.”

Baba conveyed His blessings to Tamil devotees, to the foreign devotees and to the Moslem devotees in their respective language.

“Embodiments of love!

You all know that from the time immemorial India is known as the spiritual capital of the world. Many rituals are followed in almost every household, such as offering various Poojas (ceremonies), different spiritual practices like meditation and Yajnas (worship, rituals) for personal as well as family well-being and above all for one’s spiritual uplift.

From the time, when God created this universe, He has been descending on to the earth in various forms – one Incarnation after the other supporting us in our day-to-day life, i.e. the external life and in our spiritual life, the eternal. There are many spiritual Gurus, who are also trying to enlighten us about the Dharmic (the righteous) way of living and the different ways of doing Sadhana (spiritual practice, exercise) to attain salvation. People feel happy to hear and enjoy these things, but are not willing to put into practise what is being taught.

Not only Shirdi Sai Baba and Balasai Baba are meant to render service to the society and the people. Everyone can come forward to serve mankind in whatever way they can within their limits.

As someone said, there are Baba’s devotees hailing from Telangana region, Coastel Andhra and Rayalaseema region, too. I extend my blessings to all of them equally. They said that the money has to be spent only to develop the Kurnool district. If by any chance the Andhra Pradesh state will be divided, I will give instead my blessings for that. I give my blessings to some other place also, if there is any development going on there. There are three possibilities about the division of the state. The first one is UNITED ANDHRA, the second one is separate TELANGANA and the third one is RAYALASEEMA.

If the Kurnool city has to be given its original prestigious place or even if a separate Telanga state is formed – for a United Andhra Pradesh or separate Rayalaseema – if there is any noble reason, I am ready to help and support it generously. The government officials can contact the trust members in that case.

As is the principle of Universal Love, all the five fingers of the hand are equal to God. If in nature only one finger is present, then we cannot do anything with it. We can neither hold a pen and write nor hold a gun and shoot. Only in the case that all the fingers join together with a unity in thought, the hand can work properly. With a unity in thought and unity among people in a balanced state we can achieve steady development everywhere. I do not refer to any particular region. Equal development is required everywhere. If we give it a thought, as Hyderabad is the capital of Andhra Pradesh, we have focussed on developing this place in terms of good education, investments and infrastructure. If another place is made the capital, then that place will be equally developed. So by all means keeping in view the administrative constraints and its convenience, though the state might be divided, in terms of progress the whole state is benefited and everyone will lead a happy life. Whatever each one is destined to receive, he will get it for sure. So let it be the people of Telangana or Coastal Andhra or Rayalaseema – all of them will prosper and flourish well with good education and bright future with their kith and kin.

Baba doesn’t own any personal prosperity. All that is there is only Public Charitable Trust. The name itself suggests that it belongs to the public. So why would I have any problem in giving to the public what belongs to them? I am born in India. I always strive for the well-being of the people and the development of my country irrespective of any region. There is no limit for Baba’s blessings and services. I am not bound by any region.

The nature of the rivers is to flow incessantly, but not quench their own thirst. They quench other’s thirst. The trees don’t enjoy their own fruits. They give us all of them. Rains give us all the water, they don’t utilise it in any way. In the same way, all the blessings and prosperity of Baba belong to India.

I strive to bring back the ancient heritage and the prosperity of India, plundered by the British and utilize them for the welfare of each and every Indian. Baba does not have regional disparities or discrimination. For instance, there are two sons in a family. One is located at Hyderabad, the other one is settled in Delhi. For their mother both are equal. The brothers, too, don’t have any differences between them. So, whatever it is, we are developing our own country. Every one of us should be happy. Do not have any negative feelings against each other and be happy! Ultimately we all live in India.

I am always dedicated towards striving for the progress and prosperity of the country. Do not worry about my prosperity! Once again, I repeat that – if Kurnool is going to be made the capital – I would immediately donate generously for its development.

Talking about service. What is the purpose of giving a discourse to the person who is hungry? You must serve him with a fruit or a drink or at least a glass of water. Then he will be happy and wish you to prosper. If instead you forcibly give him a long discourse or a message, he will not be interested to even listen to you and will feel unhappy.

Being born as human beings, develop humanity and moral values, which will be helpful to others and which again in turn will reap you good results. That will protect you in times of your need.

I would like to narrate a story to you:

In a forest, there lived a sage Sumitrananda.

The army chief of that kingdom went to that sage with a doubt in his mind to be clarified. He asked the sage, whether there is anything called heaven and hell. And if there is – did anyone visit them and come back to tell about them? Is there evil and good in the world?

The sage asked the chief about what was the nature of his work, what was the job he did.

The chief replied that he was the army chief for the kingdom.

The sage said: “The ruler of the kingdom is an unfit person to appoint such a useless person like you.”

Immediately the chief became furious at the sage and pulled out the sword at the sage.

The sage said that the act of pulling out the sword with anger is evil. He asked the chief to think about himself. The chief thought for a while and immediately put the sword back. The sage said that the act of putting the sword back is good and like heaven.

”So both, the heaven and the good and the evil and the hell, are in the human being itself.

We need not go in search of any deities or salvation, heaven or hell. We have to continue doing our duties and good deeds. Then the good results automatically follow them.

The qualities like anger, greed and hatred are the hell and the evil in us.

The qualities like helping others, having patience, being at peace or having perseverance are the divine qualities in you.”

Listening to this, the enlightened chief paid obeisance to the sage and returned to his kingdom.

All the devotees present here, please take Prasadam (sacrificed, holy food) and go back to your homes with lots of happiness and take Baba with you!

I may forget myself at any time, but I never forget and leave my devotees.

You don’t have to do anything for me.

I am always here thinking about your well-being and serving you.

I shower my abundant blessings on all of you to have a peaceful, prosperous well-being and much spiritual progress in your lives.”

Om Sri Balasai Ram

English translation by Anupama