Birthday speech of Bhagawan Sri Balasai Baba, January 14, 2015 at Sri Nilayam, Kurnool.

Sri Balasai Baba started His speech with a Sanskrit verse.

Dearest of the dear embodiments of love!
On the occasion of the Hindu festival Sankranti, Baba’s birthday and the beginning of a new year, all of you have gathered here today coming from various parts of the world and the two states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. This really makes Baba immensely happy.
Seeing all of you here together makes me happier than anything else. As a result of my happiness I bless the political dignitaries who are here today not only with a good political future but also with happiness and peace in their daily lives.
I shower my abundant blessings on all my devotees who have come here from different places. I bless them to lead a material life and to guide them in the path of righteousness. The earlier undergone bad times may turn into good times and this may become the foundation stone for a bright future.
Help the needy in the possible way you can.
In former times people needed to chant the name of God like for example “Shiva … Shiva” in order to reach salvation. But instead of singing “Shiva … Shiva” salvation can also be reached by doing “seva … seva”, which means serving mankind.
We can only get whatever we wish for a happy and prosperous life by serving the needy. If we hurt or cause any harm to our fellow beings it is considered an evil deed. But to offer help to a needy person is considered a good deed. There is no need to close your eyes and do number of rituals for God like for example reciting verses, performing pujas etc. Instead, try to help the person in need in the available time and resource you have. We must help the needy. We elect a leader with the intention that he looks after the well-being of the people. We elect the Prime Minister so that he takes care of the welfare of the country. All the leaders have to fulfill their duties with sincerity. This is the only way that the post they are in is secured. But if they ignore their duty, their political future may be in danger.
The country we are in should be safe, the states we all belong to and of course the various regions we come from and ultimately the whole world should be peaceful and prosperous.
The positions and the designations remain the same but the people who are allowed to these positions may change from time to time. To safeguard their positions all the leaders have to do some good deeds for the society. The same way the devotees should also wish that the leaders they have elected in the central level, the state level or the particular constituency they belong to should be safe and secured. But we should not only talk about it, we should act and really help our fellow beings. If anyone has got a problem, try to offer solutions to solve the problem. Instead of sitting at home at one place and reciting the name of God all the time, try to help people who need help.
The great virtue of God is to rescue someone from their suffering. We should try to imbibe such great quality of God.
India has become world’s diabetic capital. All over people have become very sweet so let’s talk sweet and love humanity.
I give my special blessings to each one of you who has come here today. What you need is materialistic happiness first. Blessings for those who have to get married and blessings for married couples to have good children and so on and special blessings for all the politicians. Here I am not only the Nayaka (the leader) but I am Lord Vinayaka. Leaders are sitting here on the stage left and right of me. They have all been devotees for generations. Although they are children to me, they are leaders for the people. Tomorrow in the assembly they have to put forward the issue of the dam in Kurnool. Baba is ready to invest in the construction of the dam which quenches the thirst of all the people of Kurnool district.
The political leaders should not only think of their own regions and constituencies but they should also be of help to the whole country. In the bhajans we regularly pray “lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu” which means that the world should be happy and peaceful.
Many people from various districts of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh have come and have participated in several service activities.
Baba is always ready to help people to realize any huge service project. Baba owns quite a big land in Hyderabad. We have already constructed an international school at Kurnool. The next proposed project is a super specialty hospital. But only after this project we will extend our services to other states, too.
As Kurnool is the birthplace of this Divine Avatar, the first preference is given to Kurnool district. When we take the paddy to the rice mill the rice is separated from the husk while processing goes on. But we can also sell the husk and make money. The same way we get a lot of additional benefit if we keep doing service (seva).
If there is a famous celebrity, he or she should do some useful activity for the society. This is the only way he or she can gain popularity.
If we only do bhajans and poojas day and night Baba is not happy with it. We as devotees must give Baba something. That means we should not only pray for ourselves. We must try to involve ourselves in good service activities. We always ask Baba to fulfill our desires. It is like offering God a glass of milk and asking Him for two glasses of thick cream. But this is not the way it works.
The Balasai Seva Samithi members for example participate in the Deena Jana Seva: they serve food to the poor in the cancer hospital twice a month. But we must do regular seva every day and not just sing bhajans.
We must help the people who really need our help because seva or service also means to serve the needy. And whenever we give we receive. This is the way how we can collect good karma. But we only help the ones who are in need and we do not help the ones who are self-sufficient because if there is no worthy receiver of our seva, we cannot attain liberation or moksha.
In ancient times, when kings used to rule the kingdoms, the kings put on different clothes so he could not be recognized by the people in the kingdom. So once upon a time a king dressed in normal clothes visited with his minister his kingdom to find out about the well-being of his subjects. One day a man came up to the king and asked him for some food to eat as he was hungry and did not have anything to eat. The king replied that he didn’t have anything to eat for him. Consequently, that hungry man felt disappointed and rejected and cursed that there was no one in that world to help him. The king was totally unaware of feelings like compassion or kindness as he had never been in such a situation.
Nowadays a lot of young people leave their parents and their home country and they go to another country to earn money and send it to their parents. The parents are left alone here and there is no one to take care of them at their old age. But when they are old it is not the money sent by the children they need but it is their presence. And we can only reach liberation if we help the needy and if we take care of our parents who need our help too.
The beggar then went to another well-built and well-groomed man who was just getting down from his horse and asked him to give him something to eat. But that man also refused to give him something. Nearby there was an old man who had some food with him. He was a beggar too. The old man called the other beggar and shared his food with him. He told him to come daily to him so that they could share the food and eat together. The king observed everything and then he gifted the old man by giving him many good things. God also gifts us like that if we do good deeds. And we collect good karma. The only way to please God is seva (service). If we just wash the holy idols at home and put incense sticks God will not be happy.
Finally, I would like to say that we will together serve our fellow beings and attain liberation.
Baba blesses all of you, so that you can lead a happy and prosperous life with your families. The way you stand behind Baba by doing seva, the way Baba will always be with you.
This is what I promise you. I bless you.