Bhagavan Sri Bala Sai Baba’s Birthday Speech 2018

“Sarva mangala maanglaye sive sarvartha sadhike
saranye thriumbike devi narayani namosthuthe”.

[Baba began His discourse with this Sanskrit verse (sloka)
to the Mother Goddess]

My dearest embodiements of love.

Married daughters who live with their in-laws have to wait for an occasion to visit their own parents, and likewise, the sons in-laws, who either live a distance away, or in foreign countries, also have to wait to return to their home country. In the same way, there are those devotees here today who have had to wait a long time to be able to come to attend Baba`s birthday. I bless them all to have a very healthy, happy, peaceful, prospective and bright future. All of you have come here only to seek Baba`s Blessings as you already possess a lot of mental peace. God will totally take care of those who have faith in God, and also those who have sacrificed their lives in the service of God, and for mankind. So do your duty and leave the rest to God.

God gave us a healthy body, a healthy mind and a strong intellect, so we have to utilize what God has given us for the service of mankind as service (seva) is greater than Lord Shiva because Shiva also performs seva. That means that even HE will be always ever ready to serve the needy. Seva is the noble pathway in which we can receive the darshan and grace of Lord Shiva. In this modern world, instead of simply chanting the name of Shiva, or any other form of God, contemplate, or concentrate on how you can do more and more seva. By serving society, not only will your fellow beings benefit, but gradually the whole country will also, and poverty can, to a large extent, be eradicated. For example; money which is left in bank deposits will stagnate if left unutilized, so instead, you can keep the principal amount in the bank for yourself, and at least utilize the interest from such deposits to serve the needy. By doing this we can earn good merit in order to have the grace of the Lord.

Dear embodiements of love.

India is well known around the world for its great heritage and culture, but from time immemorial many invaders have tried to conquer various parts of our country, and have plundered much of our riches by stealing precious jewels, gold, and other valuables. But in spite of all this, there`s the invaluable heritage which no one can either destroy, nor take away from here, and which grows and multiplies day by day. That is the very ancient Hindu religion with its rich spiritual heritage and culture. The awareness of divinity, and the way to self-realization is available only in our country and culture, and this is why people want to come here, time and again, from various parts of the world; to get this great knowledge. Since ancient times, and right up till the present day, every Avatar (divine incarnation) has chosen (and the prophets and scholars would have too if they had the choice), to be born in this great land of Bharat (India) owing to its great ancient culture.

India is called the Karma Bhoomi (the land of Karma), the sacred land that leads us to attain liberation. This is an abode of Bhakthi (devotion), Mukthi (salvation), Anurakthi (disinterest towards materialistic lifestyle), Dharma (righteousness), and the land of divine love and compassion for all beings. The highest virtues, if one wishes to possess them, is available only here in India, and an individual has to take birth in this holy land to possess such virtues. All other countries are known as Bhoga Bhoomi (the land of luxuries) which satisfy material happiness only, and leads to rebirth after rebirth.

Right up to this present day incarnation, every Avatar has chosen the holy land of Bharat in which to descend on earth. From Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Lord Jesus and the Prophet Mohammed, all have been born in the Asian continent. To sanctify our lives and to seek blessings, there`s no better place than here in India. Just as our land is not suitable for growing apple trees, in the same way, no other country is suitable for an Avatar in which to take birth; they only descend to earth here in India, which is also called Punya Bhoomi (land of good virtues).

Every Avatar has their own purpose, and each one is different and special from the other, so that no two are similar in any way. Lord Rama propagated Sathyam and Dharma (truth and righteousness), whilst Lord Krishna propagated Shanthi and Prema (peace and Love). The path of this present incarnation is to promote the principles of: Sathya (truth), Dharma (righteousness), Shanthi (peace), Prema (divine love) and Ahimsa (non- violence). This Sai Avatar fulfills all the principles of all the above Avatars. Lord Rama was born as a prince and the son of a king, thereby making Him out of reach of the common man, and likewise, Lord Krishna also was a king, but this Sai Avatar has come as: a woman amongst women, a man amongst men and a child amongst children. One in all, and all in one with no discrimination between rich or poor.
In neither Lord Rama`s, nor Lord Krishna‘s time were any schools or temples constructed, but in this incarnation, nothing is expected from anyone – not even a morsel of rice, or a cup of tea. This incarnation is purely to cultivate the habit in devotees of giving and serving society. Whatever is received from the devotees is used to utilize the resources in a suitable way to help and serve the needy.

[Our Beloved Baba has taken up various service activities to the value of approximately 150 crores of rupees, but still He is not satisfied, and wishes to do more. Baba‘s prime motivation is, and always will be, to serve society as much as He can, and to cultivate in the rich the habit of giving to help the poor and needy.

Baba also made an announcement, during His speech, that the Bhagawan Sri Balasai Baba Central Trust is introducing a new scheme for anyone who is financially disadvantaged by HIV AIDS, and for women who are divorced. They can now apply to the Trust for financial help, and will be eligible for a monthly pension of Rs.5,000/-.

Bhagavan Baba continued with the fact that, as well as the current water projects already established, He has also ventured to take up the herculean project of the construction of a dam in Kurnool, which the government is going to construct in His name. This is a seva of such magnitude, that it sets the bar for any future Avatars. They must only do any seva above this, but nothing below, as this is the ultimate task so far ever taken up by any Avatar. He had already made an appeal to the previous government to proceed with the construction of the dam, and committed to donate 30% of the total cost of the project. Unfortunately, due to the cost escalating to Rs.127 crores, He increased the donation from the Trust to Rs.30 crores. But the local M.P made an appeal to Him to increase the donation once again to Rs.50 crores so that both the construction of the dam and laying of the roads could be done simultaneously, and at a faster rate. Our compassionate Bhagawan agreed to his appeal and sanctioned the amount of Rs.50 crores/-.

The Indian government, initiated by the Prime Minister, Mr.Narendra Modi, has started a movement, called SWACHCH Bharath, to initiate cleaner and more hygienic conditions in the country for the well-being of the people. Baba stated that along with having a cleaner and more hygienic atmosphere, the construction of the dam will also supply cleaner and purer water to the inhabitants in the country. He then blessed all the dignitaries on the dias to have a bright and prosperous future.

Bhagawan Baba also handed over a cheque to the amount of Rs.1,00,000/- to Ms.Dalbir Kaur’s Foundation, which also has the common cause of helping people. She started a movement of fighting for the freedom, not only of her brother who is a prisoner in a jail in Pakistan, but all other Indian citizens who are in dire need of rescue from Pakistani jails.

Baba once again emphasized, to everyone who had come here, both from various parts of the country and abroad, as well as to all those watching the program live on TV in their own homes, that Seva is service to God, and that it is the primary duty of every human being to serve society. He said a person, whether he/she believes in God or not, doesn‘t have to follow any rituals like performing yagas etc., but it is enough if he/she possesses the virtues like: honesty (neethi), justice (nijayathi), follows the steady path of dharma (duty), has commitment towards his duties (dharma nirathi), derives satisfaction in rendering service (nibaddhatha), and has compassion for his fellow beings (jeeva karunyam), to make him/her eligible for the divine grace and blessings. So great is the path of seva that it alone leads to salvation].