Path of Spirituality

Mankind has many different ways of understanding God, and uses many different routes or pathways by which to reach that ultimate power. The easiest and most touching, is through the path of devotion, or, Love for God. More than austerities, penances and praises, it is service filled with love alone that is the vital principle which has helped many a seeker to realise the ultimate truth. To awaken the inner vision, however, it is necessary for one to understand what is right and what is wrong.

Each of us has the right to choose for ourselves, our own path for the realisation of truth. It is a ‘sin’ to try to change anybody’s faith by force, and it is a crime against humanity itself. To make anyone a victim of force of any kind might lead to an adverse, psychological effect on that person, and hinder him/her in their quest for spirituality.

It is comparatively easy to record the life and evolution of a god-man, or one who has attained Self-Realisation through his/her own efforts, but it is not so, about a divine incarnation who is actually living amongst us, and is serving us with his prodigious love for humanity.

Bhagawan Sri Balasai Baba is one such divine incarnation. He is still relatively young and energetic, is physically present amongst us, and his eternal love and divinity through his various incarnations are immeasurable and incomprehensible to regular conventionalists. Baba conceptualizes the possibility of reaching God, even for a non-devotee, through service to mankind even without visiting or worshipping him. Just by mere thought alone, his omnipresence can seep through a person: anywhere, anytime and any place, like an invisible force. There is absolutely no need for him/her to surrender blindly – all that is needed is to perform loving service which would have the effect of bringing about peace and harmony, making this world a ‘heaven on earth’. He is consciously aware that people cannot ultimately be deceived, and that the present chaotic society, which is full of self serving, high opinionated, and very often greedy, maniacal leaders, needs leaders and role models who are spiritually inclined, and who are not determined to force others into their way of thinking, but who recognize and respect, the validity of all the different, human experiences. Failure to recognize him will only end up bringing a nought between substance and shadow.

Baba’s desire for us is that spirituality and materialism should go hand-in-hand. It does not make a person complete if one concentrates only on the materialistic benefits, forgetting the spiritual path, or concentrating only on the spiritual path and forgetting the materialistic world. Baba advocates:

“Don’t become lazy in the name of spirituality.”