Who is Sri Balasai Baba?

Avatar Sri Balasai Baba

Sri Balasai Baba is known and honoured in many countries around the world as Avatar – an embodiment of the divine in human form! Living and teaching in his Ashrams in Kurnool and Hyderabad, he speaks with his devotees, not only in heart to heart language, but also in their respective national language. Many first-time visitors are amazed by his ability to speak the German language so well.

Avatar Sri Balasai Baba’s Birth

Sri Balasai Baba was born on 14 January 1960 in Kurnool, a small town in South India. His birth was foretold by the great Indian saint, Sri Ramana Maharshi.
In due course, all who were (and are) able to come close to Sri Balasai Baba, are able to perceive that he possesses the special characteristics of a divine incarnation. Like Gautama Buddha, he teaches equanimity at all times, in all places and in all situations and shows the way to inner peace. Like Jesus he requests us to develop unconditional and universal love, and to: „Love our neighbour as we love ourselves“. As Lord Rama did, he refers to the way of righteousness (Dharma), by supporting the underprivileged in society, and protection for the virtuous and honest. The characteristics of Sri Krishna, on the other hand, are expressed in his playfulness and charity, and by his many miraculous acts.

Avatar Sri Balasai Baba’s Childhood

From the time of his birth, Sri Balasai Baba has possessed all the divine powers. Since early infancy he achieved miraculous – often instantaneous – healings. He also is able to materialise objects (rings, necklaces, bracelets and other pieces of jewellery) from out of the air, much to the astonishment of the respective recipient!

Avatar Sri Balasai Baba’s Personality

Sri Balasai Baba has studied: medicine, philosophy, dancing and singing. At the age of eighteen years, he built his first Ashram in Kurnool.
As an Avatar, Sri Balasai Baba radiates unconditional love. He lives an exemplary life of simplicity, and guides all who are able to come to Him in changing their lives by living a life of: selflessness, service, charity, and developing the right mental attitude. Sri Balasai Baba is known in many counties around the world, and people of all continents come to Him in order to receive his blessings, and his help and guidance with their problems.

Avatar Sri Balasai Baba’s Messages

Sri Balasai Baba’s divine message is meant not only for the hearts of his devotees and visitors, but for all spiritual seekers.
In addition, he is lending a helping hand for the poor and down-trodden by establishing many charitable projects.

Many Unusual Honours

World-wide appreciation has been shown to Sri Balasai Baba, and recognition for all his work is expressed in the many honours assigned to Him.

In February 2004 he was appointed as Chancellor of Kalinga-University, Raipur (Chatthisgarh). The students here study not only the most modern and up-to-date academic, science and technology subjects, but courses in spiritual, moral and ‚education in human values‘ subjects are included in the curriculum. It is Sri Balasai Baba’s goal to combine modern science and traditional subjects, back-to-back with spiritual and moral studies. Facilities for remote students and study centers abroad are in the pipeline for the future.
This honour is commensurate with the STATE MINISTERS CABINET CADRE, ensuring that wherever Bhagawan Sri Balasai Baba goes, he will be received, according to the protocol.

Further Honours Which Have Been Bestowed On Him Include:

– Honorary Degree of:
Doctor of Divinity,
from The Global Open University
for World Peace, Bagni di Lucca, Italy,

– Ambassador of Peace
This was awarded to Sri Balasai Baba on his birthday, 14January 2006 by the UN in recognition of outstanding, dedicated service to the cause of social justice and world peace.

– Honorary Degree of: Doctor of Laws,
from The Global Peace University
UNO Netherlands

– Honorary Degree of: Doctor of Philosophy,
from Université Libre Des Sciences De L’Homme
De Paris France

The Recent Honour Is The Appointment As

CHANCELLOR of South India for the organisation, ‚INTERNATIONALASSOCIATION OF EDUCATORS FOR WORLD PEACE‘ (IAEWP). This organisation isdistinguished as a branch of the UN (United Nations) and carries with it, the same message of peace. It is attached to the UN (ECOSOC), UNDPI, UNICEF, UNICED and UNESCO. This organization has branches in 104 countries including India. Their goal is to spread the message of peace by education and training.
This honour is commensurate with the STATE MINISTERS CABINET CADRE, ensuring that wherever Bhagawan Sri Balasai Baba goes, he will be received, according to the protocol.

– The most recent recognition awarded to Him for his work of service and social justice to the poor and underprivileged came in January 2005, when the Indian Railway Company conferred on Him the prize of asset of Commemorative Coins.This is the first time in the 150 year history of the Railways that this prize has been awarded, and only 25 people in the whole of India received this prize – a first too for the state of Andhra Pradesh as Sri Balasai Baba was the only recipient from this state. It was awarded in recognition of His humanitarian work, and as an acknowledgment of the outstanding personality He has become; renowned in many countries around the world.

Sri Balasai Baba is thus the only Avatar to have so many lay positions and honours awarded Him. This shows that he is fulfilling a mission of well-being to mankind, not only on the spiritual level, but on the worldly and material plane as well.

In his 2004 birthday speech, Sri Balasai Baba explained: „I take these honours from the whole world in the name of My devotees, who admire and help Me in the service of mankind. Now I can support the needy ones more effectively“.