Main Message of Balasai

“Be happy, make others happy and reach God happily.”

People across the world are at present facing the challenge of terrorism, violence and hatred, all of which are perpetuated by mindless elements. This is the time that we need role model leaders like Baba, who can play an important part in promoting global peace and goodwill amongst the people by his example and charismatic personality. This he is able to achieve by his gift of spiritual power and love of humanity.

“Love is my real property and treasure. I haven’t come only to teach, I have come to bless you.”

“The body, which is made up of five elements, has to perish one day or other. God resides in everyone whether he is a prince or a pauper. You have to adore this divine principle in everybody and love them – without any expectation! Love which is free from body attachment flows equally towards everyone. Body consciousness leads to narrow-mindedness. Your relationship with God is heart to heart, and love to love.

You should set ideals in society by developing self-confidence, sharing your love with others, and leading an exemplary life in this world. Always be happy! Aspire for the happiness and welfare of others as it is only then that you are blessed by God. Come out from narrow-mindedness and develop broad mindedness. If you wish to get positive results from your troubles and problems, you have to develop patience and faith in God – even in those times of troubles and problems”.

“You yourself are God. God is the real resident of your heart. Therefore, there is nothing in this world greater than your heart. You should love all and hate none”.