Balasai’s Principles

Adopt and practice these three noble principles in life:

Daiva Preethi, (love for God)
Papa Beethi, (fear of sin)
Sangha Neethi. (morality in society)

So this means: If you want morality in society, you should develop love for God. If you love God you will have fear of sin. Today people without fear of sin commit heinous acts. This contradicts the very human nature.

There are various types of worries that haunt man starting from birth to death. How can man free himself from these worries? All worries are related to the body and arise from the mind. If you master the mind, there is no scope for any worry.

With prayer to God, you can achieve anything. Many people have achieved success by doing so. There are many who have attained fulfilment in life by obeying the command of their mother. Having been born as a human being, you should follow these noble principles. Love your mother first and foremost. When you love your mother, you have to love your self. One who does not believe in oneself, cannot believe in one’s mother either.

Faith in yourself, and in God, is the secret of greatness. We gave to understand this principle.