Balasai’s Language

As there are no regular classes or lectures with Bhagawan Sri Balasai Baba, his messages usually come into being during get-togethers with him when a question is asked to which Baba will pick up on a key word and give an elaborate and explanatory answer. These occasions happen spontaneously, and in front of a continuously changing circle of visitors and inhabitants of his Ashram. Each and every one of his talks is purely a modification of his short, sweet and simple main message .

“Be happy,
make others happy
and reach me happily.”

Balasai Baba certainly spends more time with his visitors and devotees than any other contemporary incarnation. It is not always easy to notice at first, the many levels of his teachings as he does not operate in the traditional way. His is not a way based on day to day consciousness – one which assesses and judges on the basis of learned knowledge, analyses and compares, accepts or refuses ‘right’ things from the ‘wrong’ ones – a way which only adds another layer upon the old way of thinking. Baba’s language does not accommodate the intellectual reader for it is too short, sweet and simple, and likely to be regarded as having little or no relevance to everyday life by such a reader. Baba needs the medium of language only to the extent necessary to express the truth, which is always simple. This reduction to the essential, simple truth leaves room for the actual message of Sri Balasai Baba to DO the truth, for the path to God can only be taken by putting his messages into practice through Seva, or service to mankind in an attitude of total surrender. The mind is only of use in distinguishing the transitory from the permanent, the essential from the unessential, and hindrances from the helps which calm the thoughts and emotions, thus re-establishing an inner balance, peace and calm. God cannot be experienced by the mind – the heart can only be opened when the mind is silent.

The relationship between God and us humans, is one from heart to heart, and Sri Balasai Baba’s language is also one only of the heart art to heart and only the language of the heart is Sri Balasai Baba’s language.