Bala Sai – A symbol of Love

Andhra Pradesh, the IT hub of India, is also gaining recognition in many countries around the world as the epic centre of spiritual love and peace, by the presence of Srinilayam, the holy residence of Bhagawan Balasai Baba, in the town of Kurnool, three hours drive from Hyderabad. Balasai Baba is recognised as the incarnation of Pumrupa Bala Tripurasundari. The divine powers exhibited by Baba, has given strength to the philosophical and spiritual beliefs of lakhs of devotees (one lakh is 100’000).

Baba, who is a staunch advocate of peace and love among the masses, is well known for his magnanimity and philanthropic services to the people – especially the poor. “Service to humanity is service to divinity,” is the basic concept that guides the activities of the Balasai Trust.

He is considered as ‘Bhagawan’ by his devotees, many politicians and bureaucrats in India, as well as other eminent personalities around the world. This reflects the faith and belief of the people in Baba’s teaching of universal brotherhood, and living a life dedicated to truth, peace and service to mankind.

Baba has been doing service to the people of the poor, rural community, irrespective of caste, creed, religion and gender. The establishment of mobile hospitals and schools reflect his pure love, compassion and selfless services to these poor and needy. His noble deeds and the invaluable services rendered to the society are well recognised in many countries. Thus Baba is showing by example, the right path to the rich and affluent, as well as to the leaders in the corporate sector, how they too can contribute to the social and moral elevation of the poor.

The people across the world are at present facing the challenges of terrorism, violence and hatred, all of which are perpetuated by mindless elements. This is the time that we need role model leaders like Baba, who can play an important part in promoting global peace and goodwill amongst the people by his example and charismatic personality, comprising the gift of spiritual power. Baba’s role and service in this context are very much needed for cooling the heat that has been generated particularly in strife torn countries.