Balasai Baba – The Ultramodern God

Balasai says:

„My teachings are ultramodern and they
might shock former spiritual teachers.“

Baba is an ultramodern divine incarnation and his teachings, which show the quickest and simplest way to God, are also ultramodern.

Times have changed. Many things were not there in the past: no cars, no aircrafts and no rockets. You had to go everywhere by foot. In the Stone Age, there was no highly developed technique. But now we have the age of super-modern technique and of fast vehicles. Nowadays you can travel by speed of sound even.

Most of the religions teach that God can be reached only by suffering and pain. Man should not only suffer internally, but also externally. But God is love, kindness and bliss. You should be exactly like this. If you are not happy, how can you make others happy? First you have to be happy.

Who wants children wailing, crying, and grinding their teeth? God definitely not! He wants to see His children as He is Himself: in permanent happiness and bliss.


Among the incarnations of God, there is no struggle for power and no disharmony. Only humans create such feelings. God is one! There is only one God with many forms and many names.


Which position does God have in your life? When you are happy, you don’t think about me; you simply indulge in the feeling of happiness. Yet as soon as you suffer, you immediately remember my existence and complain: “Why is God punishing?” But God does not punish you! Everything is determined by your good and bad deeds: He does not harm you!


When I talk about peace, I don’t mean physical peace; instead I mean the peace of the soul: the peace which illuminates the soul and touches the lotus feet of God. This kind of peace turns the world into a place that is full of life, that is worth living in and which is filled with spiritual brightness. Spiritual peace surpasses all other states of peace. Peace is the essence of all efforts.


As soon as you accept every situation in life without seeking any changes, you will be and feel happy. When you love God, it will be very easy and simple for you. You know that everything comes from God and returns to God. And so, with love for God, you will accept everything as a gift from God and feel grateful.

Short Info’s

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